Sunday, February 14, 2010

Vomit valentines, I has them.

It's funny because it's true. ------------>

We just got home from having dinner out, and what did we find on the living room carpet, just inches from the easy-to-clean entryway linoleum? That's right, a freshly barfed up pile of undigested yellow cat food.

Dessert, anyone?

I have a fresh pan of chocolate coconut brownies waiting for us after the barf gets scrubbed up, but I think I've lost my appetite for a while.

I know you're jealous of how glamorous and romantic my life is. Like how my husband was going to give me roses today but didn't because only the ugly flowers were left at the store. To be fair, I went and looked and he was right. They were totally heinous. At least he had the good sense to not bring me ugly flowers.

(And before you go thinking that I'm an ingrate, I wasn't expecting flowers at all. I specifically told him not to get me anything.)

He did bring me dinner on Friday night, though--a cute heart-shaped pizza from a take-and-bake place out in town, complete with his and hers halves. Just like those best friends necklaces that everyone seemed to have in middle school, except way better because necklaces don't come with black olives.

(My Ohio best friend and I had a cool BFF necklace, though--it was a dime cut in half. I think I still have it.)

How was everyone else's day? Did you get any sappy cards or ugly flowers?

P.S. I updated my blogroll. Get thee hence and entertain thyself.


Brittany Ann said...

We had pizza, too. Valetine's Day just seems increasingly unrealistic as we age.

Bayjb said...

I love the heart shaped pizza!! So cute. And yes, the cat vomit would definitely kill the mood.

Jamie said...

Cats are so sweet, vomit for every occasion! Also, Chrome hates me, or blogger,and hasn't been letting me comment for-ever.