Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Where in the World Wednesday: London

It's Where in the World Wednesday!

The idea of WITWW is to post a picture of you in someplace in the world... it doesn't have to be somewhere foreign or tropical. Just a picture of you somewhere that you consider traveling. It might even be somewhere in your own hometown!

- Classy in Philadelphia
This week, I'm rewinding to the good old days of college. In the summer of 2002 I studied abroad for five weeks, June 30 to August 4. My program was called Mass Media in Great Britain. We started out in London, where we were housed in the University of London dorms. This is a few of us in the lobby of our dorm the day we arrived:

We're all looking pretty rough after our trans-Atlantic flight.

Here we are on July 4 posing for the obligatory red phone booth shot:

That's me in the middle.

That evening some of us met at the University of London Union--ULU for short--for some Independence Day adult beverages. We would have used any excuse to go out and party, but celebrating a national holiday in the country whose defeat the day symbolizes was a given. At 19 years old, I was not much of a drinker. Actually, I wasn't a drinker at all. This picture is pretty representative of the whole night--blurry. I got drunk, spilled a drink all over myself and my friend, lost my dorm keys, and basically looked like an idiot. Yeah, not my finest moment. Live and learn, right?

Duh, whaaaaa?

Later that night a group of us went down to the U.S. Embassy in London to see what was going on there. All we found was a dark office building guarded by a man with a a semi-automatic weapon. I don't know what we were expecting, but then again, most of us were drunk. At the time though, it seemed like the best idea ever.

By July 6 we had all recovered from our Fourth of July festivities and were back exploiting the phone booths.

There were four of us in there.

Join me again next Wednesday for more of my across-the-pond adventures!


Bev said...

Very cool story! Love the pics.

Classy in Philadelphia said...

Haha, so fun! I want to take a phone booth photo so bad!