Thursday, May 20, 2010

I always have a comment.

Oh hai! I haven't blogged yet this week because I've been too busy window-shopping on Etsy. I thought I'd check in, though, because the lovely Bev gave me an award for being one of her top ten commenters. In return, I have to answer her questions. I suppose I can pull myself away from handmade earrings, canvas purses, and vintage cookware for a moment, so here goes:

1. What is your most embarrassing moment of all time?
I don't know if I have an all time worst, but here's a good one: my junior year of high school, I was in the fall play Harvey (you might have seen the movie with Jimmy Stewart), which is about a man named Elwood Dowd and his friend Harvey, a giant, invisible (except to Elwood) rabbit-like creature. My character, Ethel Chauvenet, had the line, "It's been years since I've seen Elwood!" Instead, I old lady walked to my mark at center stage, turned to my costar, and bellowed out, "It's been years since I've seen Harvey!" My costar was so flabbergasted that she momentarily forgot her next line. We eventually got back on track, but I thought I would never get a speaking part again. I needn't have worried because I was cast again in our spring musical, but my screw up was preserved for all time: that was the night they recorded the show.

2. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Seaweed! Specifically, those lovely little seaweed salads that are served at sushi places. I could eat it at every meal.

3. How old were you when you had your first kiss?
Thirteen. At smart camp. I blogged about it here.

4. What is your browser's home page? I usually glance at the day's headlines and quickly click over to Gmail.

5. What color do you never, ever wear?
Chartreuse. It is really ugly.

6. Are you a nature-lover or a city-slicker?
I grew up in the suburbs, so I've never been far from a strip mall, but I am equally as comfortable digging in the dirt and chasing chickens at my dad and stepmom's house. Big cities make me miss trees.

7. If you were granted 3 wishes, what would they be? (none of that "more wishes" crap!)
I wish that Jasper weren't diabetic. I wish that I lived closer to my family. I wish that I could lose weight faster.

8. Do you have any scars? How'd you get them?
Nothing gnarly. I have cat scratch scars all over my body, mostly on my arms. I have a lone chicken pox scar on my right shin. I have a quarter-inch scar on my right inner thigh from when a piece of broken glass fell out of a picture frame and sliced me.

9. Ever seen a ghost?
No. But I was one in a musical once.

10. What is your dream job?
I'm pretty happy with what I'm doing now. But like some other people have said, it would be nice if I could get no-strings-attached money for blogging. I would also take vegan cookies.

I'm not tagging anyone in particular to do this, but if you want it, take it! The only condition is that you have to leave me a comment. Just one!


Bev said...

Awesome answers, Heidi! Thanks for playing, and thanks for being one of my best-evah commenters!!

Love the theatre flub-up, but then again... I'm a drama geek from way back! :)

Salt said...

Gosh wouldn't it be so great to get paid for blogging? It would certainly make all these hours I spend at it so much more worthwhile.

I LOVE seaweed salad!!!

Toni Brayer, MD said...

I like your answers and agree about the blogging. What a great job that would be.

Jamie said...

#5: That's basically my favorite color XD