Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Election Day Post

I have, until today, kept the political yammer under wraps. But if I can't break out a partisan post today, when can I?

Here are my plans for tonight: sign off of work at 5:30 on the dot. Start drinking (amaretto and rum!) and watching election coverage. Stay up drinking and watching TV until a Democrat is president.

As my new favorite former Spartan Ashley pointed out, we might be drunk for another four years. But under the circumstances, I feel that such a condition would be acceptable.* And would it really be all that different from college?**

I'll leave you with this:

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures

And just in case you were wondering:

* Note: This is obviously an exaggeration for the sake of being ridiculous. I will accept the outcome of a fair election and will continue living in the United States regardless of who moves into the White House in January. I'm just saying.

** Note to my mother: Apart from study abroad (like, 3800 MILES apart, because that is how far it is from the Lansing area to London), I probably drank about four times during college. And that is the truth, which is actually kind of embarrassing to admit, because it makes me sound like such a little goody two-shoes. Really though, I just didn't have time for booze. I was too busy burning couches. Obviously.

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