Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Because I am incredibly immature

And also because American Idol and Survivor are on at the same time tonight and then Lost is on and then Real World is on and TV rules my life I have a lot to do for the big move in a week so I really don't have time to write anything of substance.

I have this to share with you:

I wish Jason were here to share this very important moment in produce with me. Because what is funnier than an already-phallic root vegetable having its own little something extra?


Bayjb said...

I'm easily entertained by this stuff too. So funny.

Samsmama said...

Never thought I'd be describing a vegetable as sexy, but the day is here.

Jamie said...

Real food porn!

Cary said...

It looks like a one-legged man. You need to find an ass-kicking contest for him to enter.

kushibo said...

If you find that entertaining, you'd love Korea. Ginseng (insam in Korean, which means something like "human root") is more prized the more human its shape is. Some of it can get pretty phallic.

I'd say your well-preserved carrot can earn some coin back in the Land of Morning Calm.