Friday, March 27, 2009

If he were a hockey goalie, I'd call him a sieve.

A few days ago Jason called me from the hotel he had stopped at in Colorado. When I heard the contrite, please don't be mad at me honey tone in his voice, I knew something was wrong. Or more accurately, that he thought he had done something wrong.

My first thought was that something had happened to the car or that he had gotten a speeding ticket. When he told me that he had dropped his wedding ring down the sink while washing his hands, I almost felt relieved.

It was a white gold band that he bought in Antigua when his aircraft carrier came into port there when he was on cruise in 2006. He bought it for $195. We'll make an insurance claim on it, of course, but there are worse things to lose. For example, my rings.

Jason had hotel maintenance take apart the sink to see if it was stuck in the pipes, but it wasn't there. He searched the car and retraced his steps through the hotel and the snow-covered parking lot, but couldn't find it. He's not sure if he even had it when he got there. Really, it could be anywhere between Massachusetts and Colorado.

He insisted on ordering a new one right away, and even found the one he wanted on Blue Nile, the Web site from which he bought my engagement ring and band.

In an ironic turn of events, I had arranged to sell my wedding dress to someone on Craigslist earlier that day. I'd had it listed on and off for a few months, but never had any serious inquiries. This lady was so intent on snatching it up that she didn't want to try it on or even unzip the bag to see it. She stuffed $125 for the dress and $30 for my veil into my hand and practically dove into her car. I think she was afraid I would change my mind.

I thought I might feel a little pang of regret as I handed my dress over, but I was at peace the whole time. Not that I'm glad that it's gone, I'm just relieved to not have that monkey on my back anymore. It's just not practical to keep a wedding dress hanging in your closet.

So I watched my dress ride off into the sunset, then went inside and ordered Jason a new ring--engraved with our initials. It arrived today and it is lovely--way nicer than the first one. Plus, its design is similar to my rings (and my Christmas earrings), so we coordinate.

He wants me to get down on one knee and present it to him when I get to California. I pointed out that he didn't kneel when he proposed to me, but he doesn't think that matters.

In fact, I might not give it to him at all. I've been wearing it on my right hand and I rather like it.

He won't be able to lose it if I'm wearing it.


Michelle said...

I can imagine how bad he was panicking before he told you. You know, we woman can sometimes overreact.

I'm not married yet, but I'm not sure I could give up my wedding dress. I wouldn't try to force it upon my daughter or anything, because I'm sure it would be horribly out of style by then. But I'm sort of a pac rat, like my mother.

Samsmama said...

Bless his heart!

Whenever my husband takes his off (to put on lotion or something) I always put his on my hand. And I really like it!

By the way, congrats on your win. I'm beyond devestated. I'm drinking. Heavily.

Angela said...

He won't be able to lose it if I'm wearing it.

That's some beautiful logic.

Molly said...

I also sold my dress, I think for $150 and at I really remember that little pang of regret... but I sold it to a really nice young girl who was marrying her high school sweet heart and they were paying for their wedding all themselves. The regret goes a way when I think of how happy she was to have found a dress exactly like she wanted within her budget :)

Thats cool that you were able to replace his ring with something you like better and got engraved! I always wished we had engraved B's ring :P

Heidi Renée said...

Michelle - I didn't think I could give mine up at first, but it has been more than a year since our wedding, so I was ready to let go.

Samsmama - At least you have your husband to comfort you (ahem) in your time of sadness. Just tell yourself that they're letting someone else borrow the trophy for this year. That's what I've been telling myself every year since MSU's last championship in 2000! :)

Angela - I know, right? Sometimes I astound myself.

Molly - I felt good about letting it go to this lady. The dress has apparently been discontinued, and she had been desperately looking for one. She was so excited that it was impossible to feel sad.

ALF said...

You should get down on one knee and give him a ring pop.

Bayjb said...

You should get down on one knee and provide him with an empty box, then toss him the ring when he's confused. Or recreate how he proposed to you!

remember moments said...

Well, sounds like all of that worked itself out quite well. I love Craigslist.