Thursday, December 18, 2008

You can call him Harry Winston.

Ask and ye shall receive, Internet.*

My darling husband and I gave each other our Christmas presents this evening, and boy did he surprise me... with the only thing in the world that I really, truly wanted--my heart's one desire. Yes, those. -------->

That man really knows how to win a girl's heart. The enclosed card said:

For someone worth pursuing.



MELT. That is what I am right now. A big puddle of melted lady. With bling earrings. This makes it the fourth Christmas in a row that he has swept me off my feet with sparkly baubles. In 2005, it was my engagement ring. In 2006, a necklace. Last year, a pair of diamond studs to wear at our wedding. I guess I am easy to shop for.

The best part of all was the note. It said volumes in only six words, words that have a much deeper meaning between us than their dictionary definitions would indicate. And that is why I love him. Not because he buys me nice things (although I do like that, of course), but because he is wonderfully thoughtful and incredibly loving and THE BEST HUSBAND EVER.

Baby, you are worth pursuing, too. I love you more than you could possibly imagine.

* To my credit, I did not ask for the earrings. Jason wheedled it out of me by asking over and over what do you want, what do you really, really want, and so I was honest, expecting that such a gift would be out of our range.


April said...

Awww, so pretty!! What a good hubby!!

Cary said...

Wow, good man. Smart man. Nicely done.