Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas and engagements and weddings, oh my.

I am back in Massachusetts. My trip home to Michigan was far too short, but we sure did accomplish a lot. My mom got married in a very special ceremony in her new living room, my sister got engaged to her boyfriend who is also named Jason (I knew all about his plans to propose but kept it a secret!), and I... well, I didn't do anything special, other than rocking my new dress, pictured below. I just enjoyed being home, getting used to things at my mom's new house, which I love, and taking up my old routines at my dad's, which include drinking large amounts of coffee, eating myself silly, and chasing their thirteen cats. The only thing missing from all of this was my most wonderful husband. Maybe next year.

Today I am relaxing with Jason, fattening my ass on coffee and chocolate and thinking about my own absolutely gorgeous wedding--one year ago on December 28, 2007! (Note: it's not our anniversary. We were legally married when we eloped in July 2006. Today is my dad and step-mom's anniversary, however--they got married on December 28, 2003. I guess my family likes winter weddings.) All pictures below by Michael Umansky (of Reflections Photography) or Jamison Wexler. If you are getting married in New York/New Jersey or Massachusetts/New Hampshire, respectively, check them out. The venue was the Beechwood Hotel in Worcester, Mass.


Angela said...

Congrats to your mom and to Katie!

April said...

Happy Psuedo-Anniversary! :-)

LOVE the little black dress! And congrats to your sis! I was engaged at Christmas. Beautiful time to become engaged. :-)