Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The mitten: a holiday essential.

Guess what?

I am there, in the mitten. ------>

And it is fabulous.

As much as I hated to leave Jason and the kitties (I totally cried in the car while I drove myself to the airport), I was so ready to get the hell out of Massachusetts. From the Masshole snow plow driver who was so rude to me that I did the Ugly Cry standing in our parking lot to the thought of going yet another holiday without seeing my family, I'd had enough.

So here I am in Mommy's new house, getting some work done before the Christmas crazy settles in.

Ok, that's not true. The crazy is already here.

And I love it.

Tomorrow is Mommy and Phillip's wedding, then Christmas, then back to Massachusetts on Friday to hopefully spend some quality time with my husband.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

1 comment:

Cary said...

Masshole. HA HA!

Glad you are home for Christmas. I hope it's a great time.

Thank you for being part of LOTD this year, HR. I appreciate it.

Merry Christmas!