Thursday, December 4, 2008

Stuff I Like, Volume 2

Welcome to another installment of Stuff I Like, where I talk about products I'm using and loving. Sadly, I don't get paid for any of this shameless promotion. I just really like this stuff and think you might, too.

  • Lush Daddy-O Shampoo: I like this enough to spend $30 on the big bottle. A dab'll do ya, as my middle school art teacher would say, so I justify the cost because it lasts so long. It makes my hair shiny and clean, but the real draw is the smell, the heavenly, orgasmic smell that stays on my hair for days even after conditioning and blow-drying. And it's purple--who doesn't love something bright and pretty in the shower? It's 100% vegan and not tested on animals. I LOVE THIS SHAMPOO. You can buy it online or in Lush stores.

  • Mitchum Smart Solid Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant: I swear by this stuff. No white residue. No sweat spots on my shirts. No funny smells. No animal testing (it's made by Revlon). Right now I have a tube of the powder scent for women and Jason has a tube of the greenwood scent for men. Sometimes I buy the unscented tube and we share. Is that gross? Whatever--it works. You can get Mitchum deodorants at most grocery stores.

  • Alba Botanica Aloe & Green Tea Oil-Free Moisturizer: I just recently bought this. Like the face wash and scrub I mentioned last time, it works like a charm to keep my dry winter weather skin from peeling off my face without making it out-of-control oily. And of course it's cruelty-free and has 100% vegetarian ingredients. I got the moisturizer, face wash, and scrub at Target.

  • Method Aroma Pill Plug-In Fragrance Diffuser and Aroma Soy Candles: I have an Aroma Pill in each bathroom, and if we lived someplace bigger, I would have more of these. I'm currently enjoying the vanilla apple scent for both these and the candles, but they have special holiday scents out now, too. They're not tested on animals and don't contain animal ingredients. I'm giving my mother- and sister-in-law some of the holiday stuff to be subversive. I dare them to dislike my animal-friendly present! Method products are sold at Targets and in some grocery stores.

  • Swheat Scoop Natural Wheat Litter: I will never use clumping clay litter again. This stuff clumps and is flushable, plus it doesn't harm the environment like clay litters, which never biodegrade. I buy it in giant 40-pound bags at my favorite local pet supply store, Healthy Pets, or at the grocery store in smaller boxes.

  • Nature's Gate Cool Mint Gel Natural Toothpaste: Again with the cruelty-free and no animal ingredients. That is how I roll. We started using this toothpaste when we lived in Virginia and bought it at the Navy commissary. It's not sold in regular stores here that I can find, but we finally found it at the commissary at Hanscom Air Force Base and bought about 20 tubes of it last time we went. We only have a couple left--a return trip is in order very soon.

What are you loving right now? What cruelty-free products do you recommend?

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