Sunday, December 7, 2008

Snowy Sunday

We got our first real snowfall overnight, so it was the perfect morning to brew a pot of coffee and bake our breakfast. At dinner last night at Vej Naturals (a vegan restaurant in Jason's hometown, of all places), I overheard the chef telling another customer about the vegan pumpkin muffins he was making for their breakfast crowd, and I was inspired. Ashley's recipe for pumpkin muffins had been sitting in my bookmarks, so I pulled that up and got to work. I made some plain pumpkin and some with chocolate chips--both were delicious. The only change I made to the recipe was substituting applesauce for oil (to try to be healthy) and pumpkin pie spice for ginger and cloves (because we don't have those). Jason liked them (and so did Lola, as you can see). Luckily, Jason seems to have recovered from his orange food phobia. Good thing, because I don't think he could carry on living without Kraft macaroni and cheese.

Yesterday afternoon was spent getting the Corvette ready for winter storage. It sucks to have to put it away so soon after getting it, but it's definitely not suited for winter driving. Jason was having apoplexy at the thought of a snowflake even looking at it, let alone TOUCHING it. And the SALT... Well, we aren't going to talk about that ferocious, corrosive, car-nivorous, son of a bitch salt. It's a fate too terrible to speak of out loud. Or type about.

She is now cuddled up in her cover and ensconced in a heated warehouse in New Hampshire to hibernate for the winter and make friends with other sports cars and some motorhomes. But don't worry, we disconnected her battery so she doesn't get too friendly with those skanky motorhomes. You know how they have room for everyone, those dirty whore-mobiles.

And yes, Jason uses feminine pronouns when talking about this car. I guess it's the curves:

I don't know if he has named her. He gets a panicked look in his eyes and forgets how to speak English whenever I want to talk about potential baby names, so it's best not to mention it.

Baby names and salt--that which must not be discussed.


King of New York Hacks said...

Be careful , I had a corvette for a while, and it was a slut......for gas of course, what were you thinking? lol

Emily said...

Hey Heidi, of course you can link my blog to yours :) thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes the compulsive car care. Does he do any improvements or modifications on it? At least its not vintage, then things get insane(as it can be worked *but certainly protected* on during the wintertime- hello whole garage set up. Cars are so engaging to the men.

the cubicle's backporch said...

You gotta watch those RVs- some of them even have space for the cars to ride in their underbelly. They're like the pimps of the things-with-motor world! :)

April said...

You guys got a pretty sweet (if slutty) ride there! And mmmm...those muffins sound so good!

Heidi Renée said...

There better not be any modification projects for this car! It already has a custom (read: NOISY) exhaust system from the previous owner.

He always had some sort of project going on with the old Vette, though. Parts that needed to be replaced, gadgety upgrades, you name it. That's partly why we traded up for a newer one--so it wouldn't "need" so much done to it. Of course, I'm not convinced the older one needed anything done to it at all, I think he just liked fussing with it.

We don't have a garage, but he insists that the next place we move to have one, or at least a carport. That way he can have a whole area for his car stuff. Fine with me--I don't want it cluttering up our living area!