Friday, December 5, 2008

Want! (And yes, we got a Corvette)


I said the other day that I would write about my extravagant objects of desire, so here they are.

I want these baubles:

And I suppose I'll need this jewelry armoire to store my baubles out of feline reach.

This faux shearling coat would be lovely; a girl can never have too many coats (and I love coats with hoods). I could wear it while I use these skates. Then we could come home and watch this Anne of Green Gables trilogy boxed set and make lattés with this espresso machine.

Now that I've actually looked up all of these things, perhaps they aren't such extravagant wants after all. I won't get any of the jewelry because I would never ask for something that expensive, but aside from the jewelry, I don't think these are unreasonable things to want. I'm not one for purses or shoes that cost thousands of dollars; I guess my personal weakness is jewelry... And boys who like hot rods (and maybe fancy bras because boys who like hot rods also tend to like tricked-out titslings).

That said, I think this $5,000,000 bra is the most ridiculous thing EVER.

About the car: I suppose I could have made a bigger deal about us getting the Corvette, but I didn't want to make a big deal of it. Jason earned it fair and square by working his ass off, and the stars aligned in a miraculous way to make it possible for us to trade in our old one (a 1997 C5) toward the new one (a 2005 C6) in an affordable manner. Seriously, it was the work of Santa, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and the three wise men AND their camels (I think the camels made the difference). We are very lucky in that the economic downturn hasn't had much of an effect on us, and both of our jobs are secure. Mine because there are very few people crazy (and dedicated) enough to do it (especially for a peanuts salary), and Jason's because the need for national security is never going to go away.

I'll leave you with this exchange from dinner tonight:

40-something-year-old Waitress: (walks up to our table for the first time, and looks at me with wide eyes) You look so yooooung! You have such a pretty little face!
Me: (not surprised because I get this all the time) Oh... thank you.
Waitress: (uncorks bottle) We're sampling [insert wine name here] tonight, do you have some ID?

So I look so young, but you still want to push your wine on me, lady? I declined. Wine makes my mouth taste like rotten fruit.


Michelle said...

I tend to ONLY want expensive things. You know, like a house, a car, a fancy digital camera, a magical fairy to pay off all my student debt...

Bayjb said...

I tend to have very expensive taste on my list for Christmas and really all year round. I'm working on that. I love the coat, looks so warm!

Anonymous said...

Quick note, I hear you on the looking young deal- I was mistaken for 16 this summer. 16!! Thats 10 years off!

Cary said...

I notice there's no pearl necklace on your list. Maybe you already got one.

Heidi Renée said...

I do have one, from my childhood. It still fits! I'm not sure if it's real pearls, but it looks nice. I wore it at my wedding.

Alize said...

You have awesome taste.!! Those diamond earrings are so beautiful.