Friday, December 19, 2008

Keyword Roundup, Volume 3

Georgia peach recipe cheesecake factory - Main page. Bottoms up, Dallas.

Mitchum deodorant wrecks shirts - Stuff I Like, Volume 2. It doesn't wreck my shirts. Sorry you have toxic sweat, Toronto.

Method products - Stuff I Like, Volume 2. I use them. I love them.

Ms Heidi boobs - Main page. I'm big in Tokyo, I guess. Kind of like Godzilla and Gwen Stefani. Cary, have you been traveling internationally? Jokes aside, my blog is the first result returned for this phrase, followed by a whole bunch of sites trashing Heidi Montag and her implants. See? Real is better than fake (at least in terms of page rank).

Heidi Renée Rice - Main page. Sorry, wrong girl.

Hedie Rene - Main page. You fail at spelling, Lansing, Michigan. If you are related to me, shame on you.

Glinda the Good Witch crown template - Old school Halloween costume time.

costumes that shows boobs - Old school Halloween costume time. I am shaking my head at this. Boobs, boobs, boobs.

Mitchum smart solid deodorant sweat test -ebay -yahoo -amazon - Stuff I Like, Volume 2. What the hell kind of a search is this?

vegan shamrock shake - Vegan Shamrock Shakes.

Heidi's blogspot - main page. Hi, Sacramento.

Vej Naturals - Snowy Sunday.

names that sound good after Renée - main page. Can't help you, Trinidad and Tobago. Renée is my middle name. Also, I have eccentric taste in baby names.

mature sucks boy tube - main page. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, you are a pervert. And I have an odd combination of words scattered across my main page on a regular basis.

the best Christmas present I ever got story, he got me the best Christmas present, Christmas present engagement ring story, and best Christmas present you ever got - the best Christmas present I ever got. I am now envied on three continents.


Bayjb said...

Hmm I've been hearing about Method products, I might have to try them.

Maris said...

Too funny. It's always good to know what;s on some of your readers' minds!

Cary said...

Yes, that was me. I was in Tokyo collecting videos of crazy shit for LOTD. I always check your blog just in case some boobs appear.

A girl can dream...