Thursday, June 3, 2010

I already made like infinity of those at scout camp.

OK, so my mom doesn't go to college (not currently, anyway), but my husband does. Oh yes, Jason is halfway toward earning his bachelor's degree in technical management. It basically means that he knows how to fix things, and also how to be the boss of people who fix things.

(My degrees mean that I know how to write things and how to be outraged by the patriarchy. So basically I learned how to be a blogger in college. I'm sure my parents both just died a little.)

Jason takes classes online through Southern New Hampshire University, which is an actual school with a campus in Manchester. (When we still lived in Massachusetts, I insisted we go there to check it out, because no husband of mine is going to attend Imaginary Internet College Named After A Mythical Bird.) SNHU Online specializes in offering educational opportunities to those serving in the military.

Although Jason doesn't need a degree to work successfully as a civilian--as he proved during his two year break from the Navy before he reenlisted last year--he wants one because he's a go-getter like that. He'll also be the first person in his immediate family to have a college degree.

I don't think I have the words to explain how proud I am of my husband. He does amazing things. He is a 100% self-made man and gets very little recognition for his accomplishments from the universe at large and from certain people in particular (and shame on them for that).

So hear ye, hear ye, Internet!

My husband is the Jet-Fixing, Zombie-Slaying, Cat-Herding, All-Learning Master and I could not possibly be prouder of him unless he crapped diamonds.


Salt said...

He sounds like he has all the smarts to be able to learn how to crap diamonds also! And if this happens, I'd love to be friends with him.

Ok I'd love to be friends with both of you anyway.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

ROFL - loved that "crapping diamonds" bit.

That's wonderful you guys are doing so well; so many blogs a spouse is complaining about the other one, and it's refreshing to read this!

Go Jason! I'm cheering for you - and Jason, Thank You, from the bottom of heart, for your service to this country.

Heidi - you can do anything too, I'm cheering for your goals as well! :)

Have a fab weekend, y'all!

The Random Blogette said...

That is so awesome! And if he starts crapping diamonds, can you get him in touch with my hubs and teach him how to do it too!

And BTW---I love Napoleon Dynamite! Me and my SIL always talk like him. We are so 12 years old!

Brittany Ann said...

Good work to your hubs!

And, wait, if he craps diamonds...I see an even better business prospect ahead!

Jessi J. Walton said...

Thats so awesome that he still goes to school!! I am sure its quite the juggling act!!! And for his next trick, he will CRAP DIAMONDS!!! ahahhahahaha, your too funny!!!