Sunday, June 20, 2010

every time I bring it up, Jason falls into a coma

My friends, our anniversary is coming up on July 4. It's our five-year anniversary of being together (we met in 2005) and our four-year anniversary of being married (we got hitched in 2006). We actually got legally married on July 5 and our wedding wasn't until a year and a half later, but whatever. July 4 is the day we met and we consider it the most special of our three anniversary days.

Anyanniversaryhoarders, I have a problem. My husband is impossible to shop for!

Last year we had just moved into base housing, so we weren't in anniversary mode at all. We didn't do gifts, but we did go to a Navy keg party at Jason's old LPO's house. In 2008, he got me a camera, I got him tickets to see the Dropkick Murphys, and we went to Maine. That was a good year. I can't remember what we did in 2007, but it must have been crappy because we were in Massachusetts.

I don't know if we're making a plan to go anywhere or do anything this year because every time I bring it up, Jason falls into a coma.

My original gift idea was to surprise him with tickets to see Green Day when they're on the West Coast this summer. Naturally, the concert that we could have attended falls on his duty weekend (the Navy's form of being "on call"). Scratch that! So then I checked out the Dropkick Murphys' summer schedule, and they'll be out here, too!

...On a different duty weekend. FML, you guys, FML. His schedule is always clear when I want to go to a concert (remember NKOTB and Pink last year?), but never when someone he'd like to see will be within a few hours' drive. Curses!

Unlike him, I am easy to buy for once you know my quirks (for example, I don't wear wool or leather and won't use products from companies that test on animals). My Etsy favorites and my Amazon wish list are out there for the world to see, so even if you don't know quite what to get me, you can browse my hand-picked items and choose something that appeals to us both. And honestly, I was gleefully excited when we bought Rubbermaid trash barrels for our recycling last summer, so even the most mundane things bring me joy.

Jason likes video games, cars, and electronic equipment that only he understands. He does not like sports or most mainstream music and it takes him months to drink his way through a six-pack of beer.

So... I can't get him beer because he's still working on the last six-pack of Amstel Light I picked up for him. I can't get him electronics because I don't speak technician. I can't get him car stuff because he got rid of his Corvette.

And I am so sick and tired of buying him video games! Seriously, what a crappy gift. It's like saying, "Here, I couldn't be bothered to get you something personally meaningful, so I went to Gamestop instead and got you 40 hours of time during which you'll ignore me."

No thanks!

What do you recommend, internet people? How do you shop for the men in your life?


Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Wow this is a tough one. Bummer about the concerts you thought of for him, that was very sweet! Can you get him a gift certificate so he can buy what he wants? Maybe something from Amazon?

Jamie said...

Anton says just buy the video game. Or an iPhone. Apparently boys like the gift of ignoring their wives. Lucky for me, Anton's a history nut and I can usually get by getting him history books, since I hate buying video games, too. Or I get him a load of stuff from Think Geek.

Angela Noelle said...

I actually generally have a pretty easy time shopping for Colby--he has a pretty wide range of interests, so he's not to difficult to shop for. My dad on the other hand? I never have a CLUE what to get for him! Good luck figuring something out :)

Anonymous said...

sorry, no recommendation, my husband is also difficult to shop for - but wanted to say, are you familiar with

As a fellow I don't use products tested on animals person, I find this site valuable. :)

Good luck with the gift hunt!

Brittany Ann said...

Your husband sounds like mine, and I've been lamenting this for years, too. I keep buying the games, though, as he says they love them. Not that I do.

Let me brainstorm for you...

HMCinCali said...

Totally jealous you got to see PINK!! That is awesome!

If you go electronic gift way, the internet is full of great reviews and info.

I personally think an hour or more in a lovely spa where the couple has their own room, maybe a professional massage for your hubbie while you float in the spa.

Then after your relaxing time at dinner you could give a card with a game or certificate.

just thoughts...good luck

LiLu said...

God, I am SO with you. B is so hard to shop for!!!

We just had our anniversary and I got him some scotch glasses like they drink with on Mad Men- he always comments on them- and a nice bottle of scotch. But I am running out of ideas fast...