Thursday, January 1, 2009

First post of the year...

...and there's not much to say, other than: Happy January, Internet!

Jason and I rang in 2009 with a delicious Tofurky dinner and glasses of champagne on the couch--an excellent way to do it, if I do say so myself. A few short hours later, he was off to the airport to go to Arkansas for work. That man never rests. The good thing about it is that he'll be paid double time for working on a holiday, so he's not complaining. He would have flown out yesterday, but the snowstorms in the Northeast grounded every flight out of Boston and Manchester. We were expecting to miss out on new year's eve together, but we got to do it up right after all, so hooray for that.

Today I'm relaxing in front of the TV with a homemade latté spiked with amaretto, switching between watching the Red Wings play the Blackhawks outside at Wrigley Field and Michigan State play Georgia in the Capital One Bowl. I wish I could figure out how to watch both at once because, honestly, how can I possibly choose? Sadly for me, I can't figure out how to do picture-in-picture on our TV.

In an interesting piece of "small world" trivia, there was a picture of some members of the Spartan Marching Band on the back of the Tofurky box.



Bayjb said...

Happy New Year! Your evening sounds perfect, relaxing and with good food and drink.

April said...

Every time I come to your blog, I end up leaving HUNGRY.