Saturday, January 17, 2009

Stuff I Like, Volume 3

Remember my Stuff I Like feature? Neither do I, apparently.

These are the things I have been using and loving lately:

  • Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Wish perfume: I picked this up in order to replace a couple of perfumes I've used that are manufactured by companies that test on animals. It smells great and doesn't give me a guilty conscience--Victoria's Secret beauty products are cruelty-free. Plus, the etched-glass dandelion on the bottle is beautiful. Perfume win!

  • Clinique Happy Heart perfume: I put this on a list of Christmas gift suggestions for my family-in-law, and they came through with a lovely gift set. The scent is mellow, mild, and floral, and like all Clinique products, Happy Heart is cruelty-free. Another perfume win, and proof that not all of my Christmas gifts from that side of the family were colossal fails.

  • Krups XP 4030 espresso machine: We got a Bed, Bath and Beyond gift certificate for Christmas from my dad and step-mom, so we used it a couple of weekends ago to pick up this pump-powered espresso machine. I have been in coffee heaven ever since. It has all of the oomph that my 15+ years old completely white hand-me-down steam pressure-powered machine (also a Krups) didn't have, and it has the black/stainless steel design that I love. Bravo, Krups. You have earned my brand loyalty. I like my Krups drip coffee maker, too, but the espresso machine gets top billing because it is just so cool. And because sometimes you just want a soy latté with amaretto liqueur late at night. Am I the only one who thinks midnight is a good time for coffee and booze?

  • As Seen on TV reusable dryer balls: I picked these up while Christmas shopping for my family, and they actually do cut down on static cling. Surprised? I was too. I was pretty skeptical at first, but I'm willing to try anything that will cut down on waste. Many kinds of dryer sheets aren't biodegradable and contain tallow--otherwise known as animal fat--and I definitely don't want my clothing coated in slaughterhouse waste. The kind I was using were animal product-free and biodegradable, but I figured if I gave the balls a try it would be one less thing to remember at the grocery store. Bottom line, I like the balls (that's what she said). And they could double as a dog toy in a pinch.

  • Samsung SCH-u340 cell phone: I was due for a free upgrade from Verizon, and this was it. I like it because it's small and silvery-blue. Plus, the buttons are pretty similar to my old Motorola, so I think I can get away with not reading the manual (says the girl who can't quite figure out how to use the DVR box). The cute salesman didn't hurt either. And by cute, I mean that his name was Jeremy and he was so friendly and adorable that I wanted to reach over the counter and hug him. We bonded over Navy stories because he was a veteran like Jason. He even talked to my mom on the phone for a little while (about our Verizon plan, but still!).

I admit it: I have 19 bottles of perfume in the bathroom right now. What perfumes do you wear? I must know--I might need to buy more someday!


the V said...

I almost never wear a fragrance.

On senior skip day in high school I got in an overly pseudo-philosophical conversation about what "your scent" says about you with some drama nerd/whores and it tainted the whole experience.

But, on very very special occasions I splash out with my vixen-esque Provocative Woman from Elizabeth Arden.

Penny said...

I LOVE smelling good. Here are my fav's.
Daily I wear one of the following:

- Blush, by Marc Jacobs
- Romance, by Ralph Lauren
- Body by Victoria, Victoria's Secret
- Tommy, By Tommy Bahama (Okay, this one is TOTALLY an old lady perfume, but I like it. It smells homey to me.)

When dressing up:

- Vera Wang, by Vera Wang
- Sheer Veil, by Vera Wang
- Amazing Grace, by Philosophy

I am an addict. I go to Macy's or Bloomies just to browse their smelly counters... yum yum. yes, please.

Molly said...

I am a perfume whore! I have so many. The ones that are in most frequent rotation for me are:

Juicy by Juicy Couture
Rose Essential by bvlgari
Bright Crystal by Versace
Moon Sparkle by Escada
L'eau d Issey by Issey Miyake